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Consortium of Reproductive Health Associations (CORHA) is an umbrella organization founded in 1993 as non-partisan, non-profit making Ethiopian NGO. It is an organizational expression of determination of NGOs operating in Ethiopia to work towards the realization of Family Planning Reproductive Health services as an integral component of development endeavours.

CORHA is a member driven, non-partisan; non-for-profit umbrella organization of NGOs committed to the promotion of comprehensive, integrated, sustainable reproductive health information, services and rights in Ethiopia . Its ultimate goal is improving the overall health status and quality of life for all the people, thereby contributing to national development. CORHA strives for equity and empowerment of communities and members through effective partnerships and participatory processes.

In order to enhance the capacity of its member constituencies and partner organizations CORHA is engaged in the following areas Coordination, Capacity building, Advocacy and networking and Resource mobilization, Monitoring and Evaluation.

The Consortium has initiated several programs/activities to enhance program implementation, advocacy and networking capacity of its members. Under the capacity building program support CORHA has developed several training materials, protocols and supervisory manuals and undertaken subsequent trainings on the use of these materials for service providers, program managers, executive boards, including administrative and financial personnel.

As part of its coordination efforts, the Consortium has served as a focal person for reproductive health communities in the country and crated functional relationships and modalities to promote public private partnership and among its member NGOs. CORHA has also established five technical working groups to provide technical guidance and leadership in the specialized areas of interest.

Recently, the Consortium has inaugurated a Resource Sharing Centre and Internet facilities for the reproductive health community.

Technical assistance by way of introducing and institutionalizing various system such the monitoring and evaluation, cost accounting, reporting and record keeping systems are some of the successful models the Consortium has imparted to its member organizations.

Along with its advocacy and networking efforts, the Consortium has played a pivotal role towards the establishment of the national Population and Reproductive health Network. The in-country experience sharing program is another important area of focus that was instrumental to upscale NGOs activities. Likewise the Consortium has carried several reproductive health fairs in the past couples of years to bring the population and reproductive issues at the core of the country's development agenda.

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