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World Vision Ethiopia (WVE) is an international Christian humanitarian organization in partnership with 107 world Vision National Offices throughout the world. Its involvement in Ethiopia dates back to 1971 when the organization gave relief assistance to the Neur tribes men in the southern Sudan and Meskoku tribes of Gode area of the Ogaden. WVE was officially registered and established on March 3, 1975 . The organization is responsive to the needs of the poorest of the poor and steward and partner in transformational development.


Working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seeks justice and bear witness to the kingdom of God .


Facilitate and build the ca-pacity of communities, churches and government bodies to plan and imple-ment programs that will firstly, improve sustainable food security and additional ADPs that may be estab-lished. Secondly, improve social service coverage in the ADP areas to reach the level of prevailing national average. Thirdly, respond to famine and other emergen-cies that threatens human life through a holistic trans-formation development pro-cess which is child focused community based and per-mitted through and gov-erned by kingdom values and Christians witness.

Contact Information

Contact Person:Dr. Sisay Sinamo,
Coordinator for Health and Nutrition Coordination Unit
Telephone: 251-1- 293363 or 293350 Ext. 343
Fax: 251-1-293346
Email: Sisay_Sinamo@
P.O. Box: 3330,
Addis Abeba,

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