CORHA’s programs are focused primarily in assisting its member organizations in promoting and enhancing sexual reproductive health activities. Members are entitled to technical, financial and other supports based on a guideline adopted by the Board of Director and approved by the General Assembly. Specifically members can benefit from the objectives of CORHA stated in its Memorandum of Association such as

  • Benefit from individual, organizational and institutional capacity building initiatives of the consortium as materialized through accessing skills trainings, experience sharing events and the sharing of standardized print materials and the like.
  • sharing experiences, knowledge and best practices, accessing updated and standardized operational researches carried out on sexual reproductive health at the regional, national or international level
  • Benefit from the platforms established for the identification, sharing and harmonization of common SRH issues
  • Access to theĀ  human, financial, technical and material resourcesĀ  that CORHA share to ensure sustainable RH programing of members and partners


Membership Rights

Full members shall have the right to attend and vote at the General Assembly meetings. They are also eligible for being member of Board of Directors. Associate members can neither elect nor be elected for seats in the Board of Directors of the Association. Honorary members can participate in the general Assembly meeting but cannot vote on any matter.