Name of the Organization (Acronyms) Relief Society of Tigray
 Head Quarter/Head Office Address
Region/City Administration Mekele
 Zone/sub-city 17
 Woreda Qedamay Weyane
 Telephone/fixed/ 251-034-440-6300

251-551-43-78 AA

Telephone/mobile/ 251-911-47-88-15
Fascimile (fax) 251-34-440-6714
Email: [email protected]
Establishment Year (G.C.) 1978
Re-registration number 1173
Type of Organization/Legal Status Ethiopian residence Charity
Organization Vision and Mission  
Vision A future where poverty has been eradicated and all enjoy equitable access to development opportunities and benefits.
Mission REST’s mission is to contribute to the eradication of poverty in Ethiopia by promoting livelihoods on a sustainable basis within the context of stimulating wider economic dynamism and growth within the Regional State of Tigray.
Number of Branches 6
Program/project Regions Mekelle
Program Focus/Activities related to Reproductive Health Services and Family Planning A.    To strengthen household livelihoods within REST operational areas:

B.     To improve the health and education status of people in Tigray:

C.     To promote women empowerment:

D.    To improve water security within Tigray:

E.     To promote sustainable natural resource management:

Number of Staff  
Executive Director and Contact Person Ybra Hagos


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